Understanding the importance of “standing out” for a brand in the midst of the variety of choices of products, Counterculture aims at creating an emotional connection with the customer in the supermarket, that eventually leads to a sale. With experience in coordinating and managing complex rollouts in cooperation with different levels of retail hierarchy, by maintaining a hands-on relationship that has been developed with the retailers over years of association, we ensure that your brand will have the attention to detail that it deserves, bringing to light the key factor of distinction of the brand and product.

Campaign ideas
  • Campaign calendar for the year plan with product availability
  • Campaign designs
  • Design adaptations and collaterals
  • Retail POS adaptations and production
  • Giveaways design and production
  • Space planning and rentals coordination
  • In Store sampling plan
  • In store activities and games
  • In store product surveys


Counterculture becomes an all-round digital agency that takes care of the online voice of a brand to drive sales and create fans. With years of experience in understanding the digital trends and appetite of the region, we add value by making content that is region-relevant and relatable to the Middle Eastern culture. With hands-on involvement in content creation, photography, videography, food styling and working with influencers, we ensure successful strategies that are based on data through digital listening and target audience analysis.

Online campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional videography
  • Professional food styling
  • Recipe planning
  • Influencer management
  • Chefs and ambassador coordination
  • Social media calendar planning and posting
  • Ad campaign management
  • Community comment management
  • Website and digital platforms development


Counterculture aims at making brand noticeable to the food service industry, by creating multiple activities that gets the product into the hands of chefs and working towards creating loyalty and brand relatability with the right messaging through events, gifts etc. ultimately creating true ambassadors for the brand.

Chefs product introduction event
  • Chefs product recipes production – video, write up – social
  • Chefs giveaways
  • Chefs news letters creation
  • Cook down events
  • Sponsorships management
  • Events and exhibitions representation and management
  • Exhibition stands, trade shows design and build up